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Academy A -  July 18 - July 21 $925.00

Academy B - July 18 - July 19  $550.00

Academy C & D - July 20 - July 21 $550.00

If taking 2 two day Academy (B and C or D) $925.00


July 18 - July 21

Joan Pru 4 day

(Class size is limited to 14 participants)

This interactive course will prepare the students to successfully pass the test at the end of the course to become a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians.

Students will learn how to use the Privileged Motions, Subsidiary Motions, and Incidental Motions so they have the knowledge to use them in real life situations.  They will write a set of minutes.

 They will break into groups and write their own set of bylaws.  They will be able to refer to the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised when they need to look up the answer to a question and will know where to look as they have become familiar with this reference.

They will become familiar with RONR as they look up statements which have been used in class discussions.

 They will understand the motions and how to amend them by practicing amendments.  This will clearly be a help when attending any meetings including Town meetings.  They will learn about

the duties of officers, boards, and committee members of any organization.  They will participate in a skit in which many things are wrong and they will be able to point out the changes that need to be made. 

 They will understand how to make motions and how to amend them through practice.  This will be helpful in Town Meeting situations.  They will discuss the duties of the officers, board members and committee members of any organization.  They will nominate and elect officers within their own groups.  This is a very interactive class.  I do not preach, but involve students in all discussions.

Joan Elspeth MacNaughton Prue

Joan is originally from Maine, but has lived in NH since 1962. Ms. MacNaughton Prue attended Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing and graduated as an RN. Married then widowed, Joan has four children, nine grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. Joann joined National Association of Parliamentarians in 1987 and became a Registered Parliamentarian in 1989. She has served as parliamentarian to the General Federation of Women’s Club – New Hampshire for 20 years; served as parliamentarian to the New England Region GFWC for several years; and has served various clients as parliamentarian, as workshop leader, and as a bylaws consultant. Member of the White Mountain nit of the NAP and has served as its president on three separate occasions. 

According to Joan, “Working with NEMCI&A is one of my favorite jobs. In spare time I read a lot, make quilts and travel”.


July 18- July 19

Dennis Fitzgerald

 This 2-day academy will focus on a range of human resource components including hiring practices, interviewing, employee motivation, performance management, sexual harassment, bullying, employee communications, violence in the workplace, collaborating with teams, and handling performance problems.

 In this workshop you will get an update on new laws and practices that effect the human resource function, learn how to get the best out of your people and how to work more collaboratively.  You will be provided with tools, examples, forms, and approaches that will improve your interactions with your peers, subordinates, and the community.

Topics Covered

Talent Acquisition

The Process
Job Descriptions
Sourcing Candidates
Legal Restrictions (i.e. Illegal Questions)

Performance Management

Motivational Theories
Managing Diversity
Generational Differences
Key Factors in Employee Performance (Communications, Empathy, Engagement)
Achieving Employee Engagement
Performance Management Systems and Forms
Performance Appraisals
The Problem Employee
Developing Employees Career

Meeting Management

Types of Meetings
Running an Effective Meeting
Women in Male Dominated Meetings
Cross Functional Meetings


Sexual Harassment
The laws and interpretation
Other forms of Harassment
Handling Claims
Violence in the Workplace

Steps to prevent
Steps to deal with hostile situations

Communication/Management Styles

Using the DiSC framework we discussed the 4 basic types of personality styles
What each group is best at and their blind spots
How to more effectively communicate with each style.

 Dennis Fitzgerald

Dennis  has been a Human Resource professional for over 30 years. A consultant since 2003, he began his career as a recruiter in high technology companies, rose through the ranks where he served as Manager, Director and a Vice President of Human Resources (Xyplex and Ericsson Data Communications).  Along the way he has had broad experience in talent acquisition, policy development, employee relations, compensation, and organizational effectiveness. He has particular skills in building high performance corporate cultures, global human resources and mergers and acquisitions. As a consultant, Dennis works with small and midsized companies helping them in the areas of recruitment, conflict resolution, leadership coaching, compensation programs and policy development. Dennis has an MBA from Northeastern University. He has been a speaker at a number of conferences and is the author of Strategic Integration, an Executives Guide to Merging Acquired Organizations. 

Academy C - Taking Data, Forms, and Publications to the Next Level

July 20 - July 21

Lisa Pagano

Learn how to take MS Office to the next level saving time and making you more efficient in the work place. Focus on manipulating data in Excel and Access as well as creating easy to use forms and publications in Word and Publisher.

Lisa will show you more efficient ways to manipulate data with MS Excel and MS Access in practical scenarios.

Some concepts that will be taught using MS Excel and MS Access:

Cleaning and prepping data, with Conditional Formatting, Text Functions (Excel)
Using Subtotaling feature, Pivot Tables and Consolidating to get data into a report format (Excel)

Import Text and Spreadsheet to a table (Access)
Create Queries and Reports (Access)

Take forms and publications to the next level. Lisa’s tips and tricks will make you look at word processing in a new way.

Work with tables in MS Word to create forms and headers.
What building blocks are and how to use them in a document to save time.
Create fillable form in MS Word. Create fillable text fields, drop down list and check boxes.
What MS Publisher is and how it can be used in the office for newsletters, publications, and flyers. How to create a mail merge that can be emailed as an interactive email.

Participants should have general computer knowledge and experience using Word

Lisa Pagano
Lisa Pagano is a Microsoft Certified Instructor who has her Master in Computer Education from Johnson and Wales University. She is the owner of LL Data Designs LLC, a software development company specializing in custom database development and has been teaching Microsoft Office products in a variety of state agencies, municipalities, and private industries since 1992. She has also taught numerous courses at Rhode Island Colleges, University of Rhode Island, New England Institute of Technology, and Quinebaug Valley Community College as an adjunct professor. Lisa lives with her husband and three adult children

Academy D Leader-ship & Super-vision

July 20 - July 21

James Ognibene

Municipalities in the 21st century require city and town employees to have an ever widening skill set to manage today ‘s multi-faceted and complex business environment.  Strong leaders are needed to take initiative, think strategically, empower others and set and carry out a vision. The supervisor, in particular, plays a key role in the success of any organization. We will explore and define many of the competencies required of those who serve in the role of supervisor.  This course is helpful for both current and newly promoted supervisors but also helpful to those who may be stepping up to a supervisory position.  After the completion of this course you will be familiar with the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor.


We will discuss these questions:

What is leadership?
What skills are required of today’s leader?
How is leadership different from management?
What are the core skills needed for a new supervisor?
What can a supervisor do to build both competence and confident in her/his team?
What can a supervisor do to increase the level of engagement of his/her team and the culture at large?


]Definitions of Leadership
Leadership Competencies

·Leadership Character Traits

Crucial Skills for Tomorrow's Leaders
Competencies for First Level Managers
Ways to Increase Engagement
Ways to Enhance Your Capacity for Leadership
Giving and Receiving Formal and Informal Feedback
How Leaders Improve Themselves

 James Ognibene, M.Ed.

 Jim is a Workshop Leader, Facilitator, Life Design Career Coach, Learning Catalyst, Keynote Speaker, Instructional Designer, and Talent Development Consultant. Jim’s passion is helping both individuals and organizations set and reach personal and professional goals. Jim has been deeply immersed in the field of Organizational and Talent Development for over two decades. He and his team have designed process improvement, leadership empowerment, team energizers, change engagement and agile workplace programs while Jim has personally delivered over 1,300 professional development workshops over twenty years. He has grown tremendously through giving and receiving many one on one coaching and mentoring sessions. He and his team designed an eight-month Emerging Leader Program, mobilizing the next generation of leaders with 21st century skills and determination. Jim served as project manager and facilitator of workplace re-engagement initiatives during periods of organizational change such as re-configured work processes, new technology, and structural re-organizations. Human development is the common theme all along his career: Director, Organizational Development, State Government; management and customer service roles in both non-profit and private sector organizations and Business Education Teacher in a private high school.  Jim offers a unique perspective as his experience spans all four key sectors: private, public, education and nonprofit. Jim has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing from George Mason University, Virginia and a Masters of Education in Instructional Design from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. His own professional development includes the following events, conferences and training programs: Facilitating Career Development Certificate Program, National Career Development Association; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Qualifying Program, CPP; Learning and Leadership Conference, Human Capital Institute; Appreciative Inquiry: Social Constructionism Conference, TAOS Institute; Project Management: Skills for Success, Learning Tree; Organizational Design and Analysis, Linkage; Exploring Leadership Conference, Training Officers Consortium; Consultraining: Trainer as Internal Consultant, American Management Association.

He was a member of the Massachusetts Training Advisory Council, a board envisioning the future of training and development for the ninety-five state agencies in the Administration and Finance Secretariat. He is past president of the Boston Trainers Roundtable and the Old South  Arts Committee in Boston.  Jim is an avid photographer enhanced by his coursework at the New England School of Photography in Boston. He is chair of the Social Outreach Committee at the First Church and regularly serves as a volunteer in the kitchen at the local shelter.

What is an Athenian Dialogue?

The premise of this program is the idea that clerks are leaders in very profound yet subtle ways. 

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