the academy - 2019

Week of July 13th – 19th


The Academy is a continuing education program designed for Clerks who have completed their Institute Training or have already attained their CMC designation. Academy courses are more in-depth, intensive and relate to the development of high-level administrative skills and executive-level management.

Points towards certification: IIMC approved Academy earns one point for every two hours. A certificate of completion is required.

2019 Academy Announced

SUPER CLERK -  Linda Hutchenrider, MMC

Academy A: Monday & Tuesday (Click here for pre-work)

The way to become a Super Clerk or a better Super Clerk is to not only get yourself into a better place, but to help get your office into a better place. 

  • We will look at the way you start your day – and ways to possibly improve it. 
  • We will study staffing:  hiring, firing, motivating and molding them into a team. 
  • We will discuss customer service and ways to make it better. 
  • We will analyze clerks as professionals.  What level have you achieved? 
  • Together we will look at organization and time management of your life at home and at work.
  • We will wrap it up with discussion on working with the media, promoting yourself and working to develop your history in your community.


Academy B: Monday & Tuesday (Click here for pre-work)

This program focuses on developing our leadership ability and improving our effectiveness in getting things done.  We demonstrate leadership by managing ourselves and others, participating on task forces, and interfacing with our managers and colleagues.


Understand your own leadership style, how it differs from others, and how to be more effective in influencing others.

  1. How to improve accountability without micro-management through a better understanding of individual personalities and team styles.
  2. How to improve daily communication with improved listening skills, and a better understanding of non-verbals including body language

In addition, we will discuss how using these skills create a more positive and constructive environment for all.


Academy C: Wednesday & Thursday

This two-day academy will focus on a range of human resource components including hiring practices, interviewing, employee motivation, performance management, sexual harassment, bullying, employee communications, violence in the workplace, collaborating with teams, and handling performance problems.

 In this workshop you will get an update on new laws and practices that effect the human resource function, learn how to get the best out of your people and how to work more collaboratively.  You will be provided with tools, examples, forms, and approaches that will improve your interactions with your peers, subordinates, and the community.


Academy D: Wednesday & Thursday

It takes a lot of work to create a world-class organization. It’s hard to develop a successful team. It’s not easy to build a great culture. It’s challenging to work toward a vision and create a positive future. As a leader, you will face all kinds of challenges, adversity, negativity, and tests. There will be moments you’ll want to give up. There will be days when your vision seems more like a fantasy than a reality. That’s why positive leadership is so important.

Throughout history we see that it’s the optimists, the believers, the dreamers, the doers, and the positive leaders who change the world.

Optimistic people:

  • Work harder
  • Get paid more
  • Are elected to office more often
  • Win at sports more regularly
  • Outperform negative sales counterparts

People who experience more positive emotions vs. negative ones:

  • See the big picture
  • Build relationships
  • Thrive in their work and career

And when you take it one step further, consider this:

“The more you energize people in your workplace, the higher YOUR work performance”. Wow! Instead of being “me” focused to improve performance, you can be “we” focused and create a bigger win.

Participants will complete an Action Plan to help move forward into Positive Leadership

* Read about Anne's Tuesday evening session here.

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New England Municipal Clerks' Institute & Academy

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The Athenian Leadership Society is an advanced IIMC Leadership Development Program.

2019 Athenian Flyer and Assessment

What is an Athenian Dialogue?

The premise of this program is the idea that clerks are leaders in very profound yet subtle ways. 

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NEMCI&A Handbook

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NEMCI&A Policy Manual

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