Marguerite Phillips, CMC – Member
Term to Expire 11/01/2019 (1st Term)
Bloomfield, CT
Phone: 860-769-3507
Fax: 860-769-3547
Assignments: Food Service Chair, 

Institute Year II Advisor

Kelly Walters, CMC – Member
Term to Expire 11/1/2019 (to complete term)
Rochester, NH
Phone: (603) 332-2130
Fax: (603) 509-1915

Assignments: First Year Advisor

Richard J. Goldstein, MMC
Term to Expire 11/1/2019 (to complete term)
Pawtucket, RI
Phone: 401- 728-0500 Ext. 348
Fax: (401) 728-8932
Assignments: Scholarship Chair

Shelly Crosby, MMC, CCM –Treasurer
Term to Expire 11/1/2019 (2nd term)
Orono, ME
Phone: 207-290-3803

NEMCI&A Contact Information

Board of Directors: Link to Job Descriptions

Deborah Dami, MMC – Chair
Term to Expire 11/1/2019 (2ndTerm)
Mashpee, MA
Phone: 508-539-1418
Fax: 508-539-1142

Tracy Borst, CMC, CVC, – Vice Chair
Term to Expire 11/1/2019 (1st Term)
Thetford, VT
Phone: 802-785-2922
Assignments: Curriculum Chair 

Kathy Larkin – Member
Term to Expire 11/01/2020 (2nd term)
Southington, CT
Phone: 860-276-6215
Fax: 860-276-6229
Assignments: Development Chair

Stephanie Carrara, MMC – Member
Term to Expire 11/01/2020 (2nd Term)
Stoughton, MA
Phone: 781-232-9224

Cell: 617-733-3375
Assignments: Registration Chair

Patricia Piecuch, MMC – Member
Term to Expire 11/1/2020 (1st term)
Nashua, NH
Phone: 603-589-3002
Fax: 603-589-3029

Assignments: Evaluation Chair, Curriculum Assistant

Louise R. Phaneuf, MMC – Member
Term to Expire 11/1/2020 (1st term)
Burrillville, RI
Phone: 401-568-9453
Cell: 401-500-2614
Assignments: Secretary, Information Chair; Academy Advisor

Tammy Legacy, CVC, CVT, MMC – Member
Term to Expire 11/01/2020 (2nd Term)
Roxbury, VT 05669
Phone: 802-485-7860
Assignments Logistics Chair, Graduation Chair, Institute Year III Advisor

John L. Myers, Jr., CCM, CMC 
Term to Expire: 11/1/2020 (1st term)
Buxton, ME 04093-6532
Phone: 207-929-6171
Assignments: Assistant Treasurer, Logistics Assistant

NEMCI&A Policy Manual

​Follow the link for the NEMCI&A policy manual. The manual includes a comprehensive explanation of all policies and procedures.

What the students say about NEMCI&A

What is an Athenian Dialogue?

The premise of this program is the idea that clerks are leaders in very profound yet subtle ways. 


NEMCI&A Handbook

​Please read the handbook in its entirety, it contains a plethora of helpful information. Included are forms that are important for all students to review. Please complete & submit all forms as instructed.

2019 Athenian Flyer and Assessment

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New England Municipal Clerks' Institute & Academy

IIMC Athenian Leadership Society Informational Guide

The Athenian Leadership Society is an advanced IIMC Leadership Development Program.