NEMCI&A Contact Information

Board of Directors: Link to Job Descriptions

John Myers, Jr, CMC/CCM - Chair
Term Expires 11/2024 (2nd term)

Jayne Davolio, CMC/CMMC – Member
Term to Expire 11/2024 (1st Term)
Millbury, MA
Registration Chair

Dianne Bucco, MMC/CMMC - Secretary
Term Expires 11/2023 (1st term)
Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

Poster Chair

Marguerite Phillips, CMC/CCTC - Member
Term Expire 11/2023 (2nd term)
Bloomfield, CT
Food Services Chair

Sherri Mutch, CMC/MCTC - Member

Term Expire 11/2024 (1st Term)

Ashford, CT
Scholarship Chair

Kerri Parker, CMC/CTC/CDTC - Member
Term Expires 11/2023 (1st term)
Meredith NH
Curriculum Chair, Advisor Year II


What the students say about NEMCI&A

IIMC Athenian Leadership Society Informational Guide

The Athenian Leadership Society is an advanced IIMC Leadership Development Program.

2020 Athenian Flyer and Assessment

What is an Athenian Dialogue?

The premise of this program is the idea that clerks are leaders in very profound yet subtle ways. 

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NEMCI&A Policy Manual

​Follow the link for the NEMCI&A policy manual. The manual includes a comprehensive explanation of all policies and procedures.

Sue Skidgell, CCM/CMC - Treasurer
Term Expires11/ 2023 (1st term)
Perham, ME

Leigh Carney, MMC - Member

Term Expire 11/2024 (1st Term)

East Greenwich, RI


Logistics Chair

Sarah Rapose CMC - Vice-Chair
Term expires 11/2023 (1st term)
West Warwick, RI
Evaluations Chair, Advisor Year I

Tracy Borst, MMC/CVC - Immediate Past Chair
Term to Expire 11/2023 (2nd Term)
Thetford, VT
802-785-2922 x100,

Academy Chair, KTAP Chair, Graduation Chair, Advisor Year III

Georgette Wolf Ludwig, MMC/CVC - Member

Term Expire 11/2024 (1st Term)

Fairlee, VT

802-333-4363 x1,

Development Chair, Academy Advisor

NEMCI&A Handbook

​Please read the handbook in its entirety, it contains a plethora of helpful information. Included are forms that are important for all students to review. Please complete & submit all forms as instructed.