NEMCI&A Handbook

​Please read the handbook in its entirety, it contains a plethora of helpful information. Included are forms that are important for all students to review. Please complete & submit all forms as instructed.

IIMC Athenian Leadership Society Informational Guide

The Athenian Leadership Society is an advanced IIMC Leadership Development Program.

2020 Athenian Flyer and Assessment

What is an Athenian Dialogue?

The premise of this program is the idea that clerks are leaders in very profound yet subtle ways. 

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A CMC (Certified Municipal Clerk) certification is a distinction granted by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks to Clerks who have completed three years of full attendance at a recognized Institute (such as NEMCI) and/or fulfilled other educational and non-educational requirements. You must also have been a member of IIMC for a minimum of two years to qualify for your CMC certification. A MMC (Master Municipal Clerk) certification recognizes high level achievements beyond the attainment of CMC designation. This is the highest designation issued by IIMC and is granted to clerks who have completed IIMC's MMCA (Master Municipal Clerk's Academy). This is an extensive program which has a rigorous educational component, a professional and social contribution component, and a commitment to lifelong learning. The Academy offers an opportunity to pursue this MMC designation through professional development and personal growth. For further information on CMC or MMC, contact IIMC at

IIMC Brochures - check out this great information!

The IIMC Education Department is proud to announce the release of brand new certification information material. The new brochures are designed to provide the same information given out by the department in a whole new way. Check out the new brochures and share with those working on their CMC or MMC. 

CMC Certification Information Brochure

MMC Certification Information Brochure

What is IIMC Certification?

NEMCI&A Policy Manual

​Follow the link for the NEMCI&A policy manual. The manual includes a comprehensive explanation of all policies and procedures.

What the students say about NEMCI&A