New England Municipal Clerks' Institute & Academy scholarship criteria

  1. The Executive Board shall determine, annually, the amount of scholarship monies to be allocated.       Scholarships are only for those applicants who have been denied funds from their municipalities.
  2. The Joint Scholarship Committee shall consist of a committee made up of members appointed by the   President of the New England Association of City & Town Clerks and the Chair of the NEMCI&A Board of Directors.
  3. Scholarship money from both sources shall be combined and allocated to applicants as agreed by the committee, with the exception of funds specifically earmarked and in the possession of the New England Municipal Clerks Institute & Academy Board of Directors.
  4. The NEACTC President appoints a Joint Scholarship Chairman to serve for three years.
  5. Scholarships shall be awarded to students attending the New England Municipal Clerks Institute and Academy.
  6. Scholarship awards will be limited to one person per office with the Clerk having first preference.
  7. Applicant must be a Municipal Clerk or Deputy/Assistant Clerk.   
  8. The Joint Scholarship Committee will give priority to first-year Institute students.   
  9.  An applicant must be a current member of his or her state association.
  10.  An applicant must have been a member of the NEACTC for over one year.   
  11. An Applicant shall disclose at the time of application whether they have applied for IIMC funds.
  12. An applicant must have requested funds from his/her municipality and include a letter of denial for such funds.

Application Process

  1. Applicants should (after denial from the municipality) send this application to their state association for funding. A reason for denial or explanation must accompany this application in order to be considered.
  2. The deadline for State Scholarship Chairpersons to file applications with the Joint Scholarship Chair is April 10, 2023.
  3. Joint Scholarship Chair will notify the applicant, the Treasurer of the NEACTC, and the Treasurer of the NEMCI & Academy by April 30, 2023.

Joint Scholarship Chairperson

​(Joint Scholarship Chairperson refers to the person responsible for awarding scholarship funds
from NEACTC and NEMCI and does not imply joint responsibility with another person. This is a three-year appointment)

MA       Dottie Powers,  New England Chair

            580 High Street

            Westwood, MA 02090
            Phone: 781-326-3964

            Fax: 781-948-4573



​​State Scholarship Chairpersons

CT:      Patricia Williams

            Salisbury Town Clerk
​            P.O. Box 548

            Salisbury, CT 06068

            ​Phone: 860-435-5182

            Fax: 860-435-5172


            State Scholarship Deadline: January 31st

MA:      Elizabeth Greendale

            Holliston Town Clerk

            703 Washington Street

            Holliston, MA 01746
            Phone: 508-429-0601

            Fax: 508-429-0642                


            State Scholarship Deadline: March 25th                      

NH:      Kerri Parker

            Meredith Town Clerk

            41 Main Street
            Meredith, NH 03253
            Phone: 603-772-5070
            Fax:  603-772-9004

            State Scholarship Deadline: April 1st

RI:       Michelle Hardy, MMC
            Pawtucket Deputy City Clerk

            137 Roosevelt Ave.
            Pawtucket, RI  02860
            Phone: 401-728-0500 Ext 225

            Fax: 401-728-8932              

            State Scholarship Deadline: April 1st

VT:       Sandra Pisonault, MMC
            Dorset Town Clerk
            P.O. Box 24 
            East Dorset, VT 05253
            Phone: 802-362-4571  Ext 2          
            Fax: 802-362-5156                
            State Scholarship Deadline: March 1st
ME:     Ann Morrison
            29 Main Street
            Lincoln, Maine 04457
            Phone: 207-794-3372 Ext 9
            Fax: 207-794-2606
            State Scholarship Deadline: April 1st

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